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Jessica Dimon

Bloom OTR Show Director and professional of 10 years! Brings the vavavoom and beauty to every party.

Trinity K Bonet

Star of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 and Allstars 6.

Whitney Houston, Beyoncé, Impersonations

Kora Sline

Your showtunes queen! Professional of 7 years.

Live singing

Jessica Marie Jones

Dancing Queen Jones, will dance the house down! Experience of 5 years.

Beyoncé Impersonations

Chasity Marie

Chasity Marie AKA The Barbie Doll of Cincinnati. 10 years of experience.

Barbie Impersonations

Nichelle Kartier

Queen Kartier is the queen of comedy. Will make you laugh so hard you fall out of your seat! 8 years drag experience.

Nala Jones

Daughter of JMJ, drag queen with 1 years experience, and 10+ years dancing and singing experience

Sasha D’Vich

Daughter of Jessica Dimon, drag queen with 3 years of drag experience. Always has something unique up her sleeve!

Jossie G

Latina drag queen, fabulous dancer with 2 years of drag experience.

Evelyn is Everything

Emerging drag queen who is the quintessential queen of it all. Dance, face, fashion.

Roller Skates

April T Aries

Drag queen with 2 years of experience, daughter of Trinity K Bonet. Face Category

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DJ Charlee

Resident DJ and Emcee at Bloom OTR. Professional with 7+ years of experience. Specialty in drag show announcing.

DJ Xanati

Professional with 10 years of experience. Focus in R&B, hip hop, weddings, nightclub DJ.

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